Choosing your words is the fun part!

You can choose any words you want. To make the design work, you’ll need to provide 25-30 “must have” words and 3-5 “maybe” words (that may or may not be used), no matter what size of artwork you choose. You can have more than 30 words, but keep in mind that anything over 40 can be hard to read.

What’s considered a “word”?

Compound names like “Kansas City” is considered one word. Dates are also considered one word (example: Est. June 1, 1950 is one word). Short phrases can be incorporated into your design as well, such as “Live each day” or “home sweet home”. Keep in mind though that the more phrases and words you have on your “must have” list, the smaller each will be.

Need help coming up with your 25-30 words?

Be sure to check out samples online of what other people have chosen. Ask your friends and family to help. Make it a family activity to choose the words that mean the most to you! And here’s a list to help you get started:
names & nicknames
important dates
favorite places
activities & hobbies
special memories
food & drinks
special phrases or short quotes
The possibilities are endless!


Ready to create your own TYPOGRFX?

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