When One Door Closes….

If you will recall my last blog post was titled “When Opportunity Knocks”… Well that was almost three years ago, and the door will soon be closing on that chapter of my story as I have announced my resignation as the Executive Director of the Excelsior Springs Area Chamber of Commerce. I will be staying through July 1st to see the organization through our biggest events of the year and to give ample time to train my successor. I am honored that the Board of Directors and the members entrusted me to lead this organization in a community that I love so much. I am proud of the accomplishments and progress we’ve made together over the past three years, but I believe that now is the time to move on from this role.

So what’s next for me? I am really not sure, and I am okay with that. I’m going to take the next few months to look around and see what’s out there. I’m also eager to dive back into TYPOGRFX and graphic design. Who knows? I might get the truck out of hibernation and start doing events this summer. I’ve even been thinking about getting certified to teach yoga (I started yoga about 9 months ago and I LOVE IT!). The options are really wide open at this point, and it’s an amazing feeling. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I don’t regret taking the Chamber job at all, and I will treasure the relationships and knowledge that I have gained because of it. Now that this door is closing…. I wonder what door will open for me next?