On demo day the bench seat and cabinet were removed from the truck, meaning I could take more precise measurements and make exact plans for finishing out the interior of the truck. Building on the plans I laid out earlier this week, I put together scale drawings of each side. Overall, I am pleased with the plan. The feel will be modern and clean, yet inviting. The pallet wall will be the perfect rustic accent to compliment the barn wood and burlap samples. Plus, my shopping list is relatively short:

• one can of Rust-oleum gloss sand (already purchased for $10 to make the perfect greige using paint I already had on hand)
• 3-4 packages of pine planking to make the pallet wall (Lowes – $10 each)
• one small can of gray stain (I already have every other color of stain imaginable)
• 5 linear feet of vinyl flooring (probably Home Depot – around $144)
• greige fabric for cushions
• free/cheap couch cushions that can be recovered
• curtain material (maybe a drop cloth, repurposed sheet, etc) to separate cab from the back of the truck – at least until I can save up enough to revamp the front interior of the truck

The only thing I have to build from scratch is the table, and I already have many of the materials on hand to do so. I also have tons of scrap trim that came out of our neighbor’s burn pile that can be used to finish out the cabinet bookcase. I already have most of the other decor and accent items I will use from my TYPOGRFX show booth. Also, it will be great to keep all of my samples in the truck now, instead stored of my office!