The Story behind TYPOGRFX

In 2008, graphic designer Tosha Jackson was commissioned to create a custom artwork showcasing words about Lee’s Summit, MO. After several failed designs, she created the perfect layout that would become the signature look of TYPOGRFX. Tosha quickly realized that similar custom artwork could be created using any list of words.

At the time, using typography in decor was relatively unheard of, however, Tosha recalls, “I thought to myself that this idea is so simple, yet so beautiful and personal, that people will love it.” And customers agreed! Orders started coming in – slowly at first – until word started getting around and happy customers were showing off their artwork to all of their friends and family, often sharing it on social media sites.

To date, Tosha has created thousands of custom designs for customers all over the US, Canada and even Australia. She says, “I feel truly blessed to be able to help people tell their stories in artwork form. It’s like I get to know each customer through the words they choose for their piece.” Some of the most memorable pieces have included a gentleman who proposed to his longtime girlfriend with a “Will you marry me?” TYPOGRFX and a terminally-ill woman who wanted to leave behind words of wisdom for her young children.

TYPOGRFX has been featured in several publications and blogs (see full list here) and was chosen as a finalist for Country Living magazine’s Pitch Your Product promotion in 2011 (read full story here). In 2013, Tosha launched her own blog “my word” where she shares home decor ideas and trends, unique stories behind TYPOGRFX pieces and more.

After years of enduring the elements at outdoor shows and events, Tosha had a “hare-brained idea” to create a mobile boutique to showcase her artwork in 2015. And the TYPO Truck was born. Read all about the process from start to finish here. Eventually, the truck evolved to feature more home decor including the “designer collection” and “curated collection”.  You can shop the truck several times a year. Be sure to follow TYPOGRFX on facebook to stay up to date.

More about designer Tosha Jackson here.