Have your cake (and whiskey) and eat it too

Cake and Whiskey Magazine

My first issue (only their second) of Cake and Whiskey magazine

While I was on vacation with my family last weekend, I made it a priority to catch up on some of my reading during the 3-hour drive and downtime. I was most excited about checking out my first issue of Cake & Whiskey magazine which arrived just days before we left. I first discovered Cake & Whiskey through a friend on Facebook, after he nominated me as a “favorite woman-owned small business” for a promotion the magazine was having. I was excited to learn that this new magazine was geared towards women “in all stages of their business journey” and they seek to “motivate and spark women to dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve greater things.” These are all things that I want for myself, so I knew I had to subscribe!

The cover of this issue featured a lovely girl relaxing in a canoe floating lazily in the water. At first glance, I thought, what on earth does this have to do with growing a business? But it also sparked my curiosity knowing that there had to be a good reason for such a cover. A few pages in to the magazine, I came to the Letter from the Editor, Megan. A quote graced the top of the page, “Time management is budgeting time to increase productivity.” (wisegeek.org)

Cake and Whiskey Magazine

Megan agreed with the quote, but suggested that time management be redefined as “budgeting time to decrease productivity.” I thought about it for a moment, and I realized that this is what I do every day. As a small business owner, growing my business is hugely important to me, so I spend every spare moment trying to figure out new ways to reach potential customers, while maintaining and servicing my current customers. But as a WAHM, I always put family time first. After all, what’s the point of earning a living if you don’t have anyone to enjoy living with?

After reading how Megan spends her days doing things that matter, whether that be spending time with her boys or making corporate contacts, I found it reassuring to know that it is possible to do it all. And to have it all. Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes it’s a juggle. But knowing that working hard means I get to play hard makes it all worth it. So I challenge you to reevaluate how you spend your time. Do you do the things that truly matter and let the rest go? If not, how will you start? What will you let go? What will you focus on?

Ask yourself as Megan does, “If you aren’t enjoying life now, when will you? If you aren’t managing your time to take in the sunset, walk your dog… float lazily down a river in a canoe, when will you?”



For the Mommas…

Ryker and Tosha

Ryker and Tosha on our first Mother’s Day

Many of you know that I am a work-at-home-mom. What you might not know is that I struggle every day with balancing my business and my family. When I get a new project, I might spend more time working and less time taking Ryker to the park or playing with him. And the entire time, I feel guilty about it. But at the same time, I know that I have to focus my full attention on growing my business or else it will fail, and we won’t be able to afford the luxury of me working from home and being with him as much as I am. So it’s a constant battle I fight with myself, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Last week, as I was sitting in the office trying to design and write content for my new TYPOGRFX website, I needed a mental break so I hopped over to Facebook (guilty again!). The first thing that caught my eye was a post by a lovely Kansas City based blogger and fellow woman business owner – Jennifer of the Magic Brush. The title read: “For the Mommas who are trying to run a business… I know you.” I thought to myself, “Hmm, could she really relate to what I am going through?”

(I highly recommend reading it! Even if you’re not running your own business…)

By the time I got half way through reading her post, I had tears streaming down my face, because yes, she could indeed relate and then some! So as Mother’s Day approaches, I encourage you to feel good about the path that you are on, because I know that all mothers do the best they can for their children. And of course, if there is a special woman in your life, you can always show your appreciation with a custom TYPOGRFX! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)