Vintage Farm-Themed Room

As part of Typography Appreciation Month, I’ve shared with you two tutorials on how to make a vintage ruler growth chart and an advertising-inspired sign. This week, I’ll reveal all of Ryker’s room, which features typography in numerous ways. It’s been nearly 4 years in the making, and I’m always adding, changing and rearranging things, but overall the vintage farm theme has been my inspiration.

When you first walk in you’ll probably notice the signs, every where, on all 4 walls. Galt is where my husband and I grew up and his dad got the sign from working a railroad job. The Jackson St. sign is one I picked up at a flea market years ago for $12. The Route 66 sign is from swap shop for $3. The Country Raised “BOY” sign is one I hand painted (tutorial here). And the license plates have been collected over the years, either from my husband’s old cars/trucks or flea market finds. Other vintage farm items include an antique saw, random iron tools and a John Deere thermometer.


Vintage farm themed bedroom

Vintage farm themed bedroom



Ryker's RoomThe cow and the pig were helium balloons from our baby shower that we kept for decoration. The small bench and Lego table were both mine as a child.
Ryker's RoomThis bookcase was handed down to my husband from a relative, while the John Deere corn planter container was his grandfather’s. Jackson made the wooden base for it. The rocking chair was made by a close friend’s grandfather. He makes one for all of his grandkids, and Ryker was lucky enough to be included in that bunch!

Ryker's RoomOf course, Ryker has to have his own TYPOGRFX. I actually waited to create this until he was about a year and a half, because we wanted to capture some of the nicknames and fun things we liked to do with him as a baby. My favorite – Mr. Babypants. (There’s a whole song that goes along with this nickname we made up. I can still sing it word for word.)



And Ryker’s truly impressive bunk bed. Let me explain. In our old house, we were so crammed for space, that we had to make use of vertical space as much as possible. Jackson had this bunk bed from his childhood and he added a “lift kit” of sorts to make it tall enough to put his weight bench under (this was before I came along). When we moved here, we figured with our tall ceilings, we might as well keep it as is. So when Ryker graduated from a crib to a big boy bed, we started out with the mattress on the floor underneath and used the bunks for storage (our house does not have any closets – more on that some other time). Eventually, we built stairs and a removable side rail and moved the mattress up to the bottom bunk (which is a good 3 feet off the floor) so Ryker could have the additional play space underneath the bed.

Ryker's bed

Ryker’s bed

And if you’re going to have a bed 3-feet off the floor, you have to have stairs to it. My husband built these (trust me I tried and was going to fail). But I painted, lettered and distressed them for that vintage look. This is my second favorite thing in the room (besides the “BOY” sign). It reads “When I’m worried and I can’t sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep” which is a line I found from a song. My husband, always being a comedian, took one look at it and read it aloud from bottom to top (go ahead and do it) and has joked about it ever since.



An under-bed hideaway would not be complete without a “parking garage” as Ryker calls it (my husband calls it the “ratty shelf” because it’s another burn pile save.. I screwed salvaged bead board to the back and painted/distressed it. Hey, it was FREE!). I picked up the “corral” for the animals at a flea market for $8. There’s also Christmas lights for added ambience!



And lastly, we have to keep track of how fast this “BOY” is growing, so I made my own version of a ruler growth chart – again using a board from our neighbor’s burn pile (tutorial here). It was  painted white and on a whim, I applied stain over top of the paint resulting in a unique but perfectly aged look.

Growth Chart

Growth Chart

And there you have it! A vintage farm-themed bedroom fit for any country “BOY” complete with tons of examples of using typography in decor.


Typography Appreciation Month – Weekend Challenge – Monograms

Monogram Weekend Challenge

Welcome to the second Weekend Challenge for Typography Appreciation Month. This weekend, your challenge is to design something monogram-related. This is a pretty broad subject, so be creative! The only rule is that it has to include typography in some form, although if you could figure out how to do a monogram without using typography, I’d like to see that too! Follow along on facebook for some inspirational ideas all weekend long! When you’ve completed your project, simply post a photo and brief description of your creation to the TYPOGRFX facebook page. You’ll have until 9pm Sunday, August 11th to add your project. I’m looking forward to seeing your creations and working on something myself!

Typography Appreciation Month – Weekend Challenge – Wreaths!

Weekend Challenge: Wreath

Grab the hot glue guns and fire up your creative skills! It’s our first Weekend Challenge for Typography Appreciation Month. This weekend, your challenge is to create a wreath. It can be any interpretation of a wreath, just so long as it includes typography in some form or fashion. Follow along on facebook for some inspirational ideas all weekend long! When you’ve completed your project, simply post a photo and brief description of your creation to the TYPOGRFX facebook page. You’ll have until 9pm Sunday, August 4th to add your project. When I have everyone’s projects in, I’ll post them to Pinterest for everyone to share. Thank you for playing along and have fun with your projects!

Celebrate Typography Appreciation Month!


Over the past few years, typography has been a growing trend. Now, more than ever, typography is hot. It appears in all aspects of life – home decor, fashion and more. With its simple, universally recognized forms and shapes, typography speaks to the people and for the people which utilize its graphic nature to adorn every kind of surface known to man.

It is with that, that I, Tosha Jackson, creator and designer of TYPOGRFX custom word art, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the blogosphere of the United States, do hereby proclaim August 2013 as Typography Appreciation Month. I call upon the people of the blogosphere and social media realms to join me in celebrating typography in all its forms. Share your projects, your inspirations and your aspirations as it pertains to typography. Challenge yourself to new projects. Celebrate the products, artists and bloggers you love. And most of all, have fun!


Welcome to August – Typography Appreciation Month! I came up with this fun concept when I realized that August had no major holidays. Aside from the winding down of summer and back-to-school hustle, it’s generally just a hot month. So I thought, why not celebrate one of the hottest trends during the hottest month? I have partnered with several folks to bring together this month-long event, which will include fun weekend challenges, tutorials on how to make your own typography-inspired decor, our favorite pins, and even a give-away or two!

My biggest partner and newest friend who will be helping me celebrate typography is Ariean with onekriegerchick blog. Ariean and I were “e-troduced” by Dustin, who built both of our websites. Turns out, we live very close to each other and have a ton in common!

One Krieger Chick

One Krieger Chick

Other contributions will come from Jennifer with the Magic Brush, Stacy with Blue Raddish and whoever else would like to join in! We will be sharing on our respective blogs, facebook pages and on Pinterest. The weekly project challenges will be posted every Friday evening in August here on my blog and you’ll have until Sunday evening to post your creation to my facebook page. Be sure and follow me and the other contributors on facebook so you can see all of the fun stuff we’ll be up to. We hope you will join us and appreciate all there is to appreciate about typography!