Take in the MOMent



Update on March 25, 2014:

My heart aches for a family in Canada. I never met them in person, but my life was profoundly touched when Leanne reached out to me early last year and asked me to do the unimaginable. She was battling Stage IV breast cancer, and she wanted me to create a TYPOGRFX with words of wisdom to inspire her children after she’s gone. Sadly, her time on earth ended last night and her family will be receiving the special gift I helped her create. I am both honored and overwhelmingly sad right now. Prayers for her family at this difficult time.. May her memory live on through her children!

Original post May 11, 2013:

Leanne and family

I’m sure by now you know that tomorrow is Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate, appreciate and remember the special women in our life. I know that I will spend time with family, call those I can’t be with and I will try really hard to enjoy every single moment I am given, because I am inspired by Leanne, the woman in the above photo.

Rewind to a few weeks ago. I received an email that made my heart sink and soar at the same time. It read in part: “I have Stage IV breast cancer and unfortunately have precious time left. I am married with three children, ages 5, 7 and 15. I’d like to create a piece of art for them to inspire them everyday. With words of wisdom from me. Can you help me?”

My first reaction was of terrible sadness. My second was of pure admiration. I mean, I can’t image what this woman is going through, but somehow she has the strength and courageousness to look towards the future and the legacy she wants to leave behind. So of course, I immediately responded with a yes!

When I received her “word list” tears streamed down my face as I read all of the inspiring, thoughtful and sometimes funny pieces of advice she wanted to include. Of course, designing it proved to be difficult with teary vision, but I finished it up and sent it to her. Her response:

“You have given [my family] a gift and a memory of me that they will have forever. And a reminder that I will always be in their hearts. Amazing.”

So tomorrow I will hold my own son a little tighter, because I know that there are moms who know their time is very limited with their own children, and I want to take in every moment.


For the Mommas…

Ryker and Tosha

Ryker and Tosha on our first Mother’s Day

Many of you know that I am a work-at-home-mom. What you might not know is that I struggle every day with balancing my business and my family. When I get a new project, I might spend more time working and less time taking Ryker to the park or playing with him. And the entire time, I feel guilty about it. But at the same time, I know that I have to focus my full attention on growing my business or else it will fail, and we won’t be able to afford the luxury of me working from home and being with him as much as I am. So it’s a constant battle I fight with myself, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Last week, as I was sitting in the office trying to design and write content for my new TYPOGRFX website, I needed a mental break so I hopped over to Facebook (guilty again!). The first thing that caught my eye was a post by a lovely Kansas City based blogger and fellow woman business owner – Jennifer of the Magic Brush. The title read: “For the Mommas who are trying to run a business… I know you.” I thought to myself, “Hmm, could she really relate to what I am going through?”

(I highly recommend reading it! Even if you’re not running your own business…)

By the time I got half way through reading her post, I had tears streaming down my face, because yes, she could indeed relate and then some! So as Mother’s Day approaches, I encourage you to feel good about the path that you are on, because I know that all mothers do the best they can for their children. And of course, if there is a special woman in your life, you can always show your appreciation with a custom TYPOGRFX! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)