In the company of design stars

Taniya Nayak and Tosha Jackson

Taniya Nayak took a moment to pose with me and my assistant Kristy

Whew! I’m finally catching my breath from being at the Johnson County Home and Garden Show all last weekend. Overall, it was a successful and fun show to be a part of. It’s a real confidence boost to hear so many people exclaim how unique and wonderful my artwork is! I heard comments ranging from “This is the BEST thing at the whole show!” to “TYPOGRFX is the coolest idea in the world!”

My favorite moment from the whole event was when my assistant, Kristy, talked me into getting in line to meet Taniya Nayak (HGTV star who presented several times and met with people afterwards). I stood in line anxiously awaiting my turn, heart pounding in my chest! When I finally got up to meet her, I said something along the lines of “I really admire your designs and would love it if you would check out my artwork” while handing her one of my brochures and business cards. She responded with “Oh yeah, Tom (Bury – another HGTV star who was there with her) mentioned it to me that he saw it and liked it.” I was floored! Two of TV’s hottest design stars liked my work! Kristy and I got to take a fabulous picture with her, and she autographed one of my TYPOGRFX brochures.. Later in the weekend, we had a chance to actually chat and Taniya told me how she had done a similar typography wall graphic for Racheal Ray. Of course, I offered to help her out next time she needed “word art.” She said she’d keep me in mind and wished me luck with my business. I’m still ecstatic about the whole thing!

Now, as I get my show stuff put away and my office back in order, I’m looking forward to creating custom art for all of the wonderful people I met at the show.