16X20 Framed Burlap Print




16X20 Framed Burlap Print with your custom design featuring your choice of words, style and colors.

A burlap print features your TYPOGRFX design printed directly on to high-quality burlap. The subtle textures and color of the burlap combine with your design to create a beautiful and unique piece. The burlap is made from repurposed and sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly. Burlap prints come standard with a clean and simple pine frame. You can also upgrade to a premium barn wood frame – available in three styles. More details about the frames here.

While each custom-designed typographic artwork is unique, there’s no mistaking the signature design of a TYPOGRFX, available exclusively from designer Tosha Jackson. You choose your format, style, colors and 25-30 words about any subject, and they are used to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is yours truly. These make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion. They are also perfect for businesses! Spruce up your office or waiting area with a custom design that describes your business.

TYPOGRFX is a great alternative to photographs, because they allow you to tell your story in actual words. Your word list can include names, dates, favorite places, hobbies, memories and just about anything you can think of. The things in life that matter most to you are yours truly!

To personalize this item, please add it to your cart, check out and follow the instructions to submit your custom specifications after checkout. The website should redirect you to to the form, but if it doesn’t there is a link in your confirmation email or you can click on “Submit custom order” at the top of the website to complete your order.

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Note from Tosha: Product images are for demonstration purposes only, and do not necessarily represent scale or proportions accurately. Burlap prints have a distinct texture and therefore it is recommended that you choose modern, gritty or rubber stamped styles, as thinner fonts will be less legible. Also, the colors/backgrounds selected will print slightly different as the burlap itself is a creamy color. 

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