By becoming a TYPOGRFX referral pARTner,
you’ll earn commission simply by referring your friends and family to TYPOGRFX custom word art. It’s free to join and easy to earn!


Does it cost to join?

No. There is no fee to become a referral pARTner. You are not required to purchase a starter kit, your own website, etc. You can start earning commission today through our easy-to-track website system.

How much will I earn?

You will earn 30% commission on every sale (less any discounts, shipping and taxes) resulting from a click-through on your pARTner link or when a customer mentions your name when they order. You can either accept 30% payout on your earnings or exchange it for 50% store credit. Example: You have a $100 sale. You will either earn $30 commission or can get $50 store credit exchange. The store credit must be used within 30 days of it being issued.

Can I create a downline?

No, this program is strictly a referral based program, not a multi-level marketing program.

How often do I get paid?

Commissions are paid each month by the 15th for all commissions earned in the prior month. You can choose to receive a Paypal payment or store credit exchange.

Do I get a discount on my own orders?

While you do not get a discount on your own order, you will earn commission on it just like any other order you refer. In addition, you can exchange your commission earnings for 50% store credit. This is a great way to purchase products for yourself or as gifts!

Is there a minimum to sell?


How do I advertise TYPOGRFX?

You can advertise TYPOGRFX on your website or blog. You can create your own social media page and email blasts. We can provide you with branded graphics and the appropriate links to track your hard work. If you choose to, you can purchase branded promotional materials such as brochures, business cards and even t-shirts.

Is the pARTner program a direct sales plan?

Not in a typical sense. As a pARTner of TYPOGRFX, you will be marketing and promoting the sale of our products. However, you will never have to collect payments, stock inventory or deal with the behind-the-scenes production of creating and shipping the custom art. You simply earn commission on the sales that resulted from your personal promotion of TYPOGRFX.

How is the pARTner program different than other programs?

This program is a straight, referral based program. There are no parties to host, events to create, or inventory to carry. You simply tell your friends and family about the art and earn commission on their sales.

What is the difference between hosting a pARTy and becoming a pARTner?

Hosting a pARTy is for groups and organizations that are fundraising. Becoming a pARTner is a commitment to promote and sell TYPOGRFX artwork while earning commission on the sales that result from your hard work. It is ideal for stay-at-home-moms or anyone looking to make extra income.


Registration is open

By filling out this form, that means you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the TYPOGRFX pARTner program. Please read through them carefully before joining. Thank you.

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Meet Lana – A Testimonial from the Top Earning pARTner

pARTner Lana

pARTner Lana

Last fall, Lana posted a photo of her own recently purchased custom TYPOGRFX on her Facebook page. Almost immediately, there were 40+ “likes” and numerous people commenting on the photo, asking her where she got her canvas. She quickly realized that she could earn commission easily just by posting the photo, so she decided to sign up for the pARTner program right away. To date, Lana is the top-earning pARTner. She says, “Nothing is more important to me than family and I love to be able to tell a small part of our story through our canvas. It is the focal point in our living area and when friends see it, they want to tell their story too. I love being able to be at home when my boys get home from school and being a TYPOGRFX pARTner allows me to do this with ease. Selling it is the easiest thing I’ve ever done – all you need to do is show it – it’s such a beautiful thing it truly sells itself!