Did you know that oil pressure is crucial for a vehicle to run right? Yeah, me either. We weren’t but a few miles down the interstate following Jackson in the truck that he pulled off at an exit. He had mentioned that I didn’t have follow him and that I should get Ryker back in time for his tee ball game after my big purchase, so we went on down the road. After 20 minutes of being home and no sign of Jackson I began to worry. Please, lord don’t let him be broke down somewhere. And please lord, if he is, please let him have his cell phone with him! (Jackson is notorious for not having his phone on him.)

A few minutes later, I saw the navy beast coming down to the driveway much to my relief! Jackson pulled up and I cautiously asked if it ran alright. He said he initially pulled over because the dog house (the box covering the engine inside of the cab) wasn’t latched and when he started down the highway, it was flapping up, so he stopped to latch it. Then he mentioned that the oil pressure dropped, he lost power and ended up crawling along the shoulder of I-35 the rest of the way home. I asked, “Is that bad? Is it something you can fix?” to which he replied, “It could be bad. You might need a new motor…” My heart sank and it must have shown in my face, because he said, “But even if you need a new motor, it is still a good truck and well worth the money.” Gee that’s just what I wanted to hear! I think he must enjoy seeing the roller coaster of my emotions!


The next few days I tried my hardest not to bug him about the truck fearing that it would just irritate him and further prove his point that I hadn’t thought this project through. Each day after work though, he went about working on the engine and all of the mechanical stuff underneath the truck. Taking things apart, putting them back together. Tossing aside parts that “weren’t necessary” (what?!). He spent what seemed like hours laying in the gravel underneath it, tweaking, working. Eventually he informed me that he couldn’t find anything major wrong with it and that I could go ahead and get it inspected and licensed. What a relief (for now).