During the time Jackson worked on the mechanical side of the truck, I spent my time doing what I do best – being creative! I knew from the success of my show booth being designed to look like a living room that that was what I wanted to recreate in the back of the truck. After hitting a dead end in searching through all of the fashion trucks I could find on Pinterest and Google, I figure out a new key word to search for to find the right inspiration for my project – “tiny house”. Tiny houses rely on a well thought out use of very limited space, and with just 70 square feet to work with in my truck, I’m going to have to be efficient in whatever I do in the space to make the most visual impact. Pin after pin, I saved images of lovely little living room spaces. Here’s my tentative plan for the interior:

I’m going to remove the driver’s side tool box and cabinet (really Jackson is going to be the one doing all of the work, they are welded into the truck). The passenger side will stay, but the door on the cabinet will go.


Hopefully the walls will be clean enough to just paint bright white. If they are too banged up/damaged, then I will figure out a way to install some sort of paneling or bead board over them. I’m toying with the idea of doing a reclaimed wood feature wall where the side wall juts out just a bit, but that will depend on materials I can find and time.


I love this pallet wall!

I would like to cover the ceiling with something that looks like pressed tin ceilings even if it is faux and will probably paint it white. Tin ceilings is one of the things I loved most about some of the retail spaces I have looked at before.

(source unknown)

(source unknown)

The bench will be dressed up to look like a couch. I will use the existing carpet/plywood boards and will add thicker cushions (hopefully I can get some free couch cushions) and will upholster it in a greige fabric. I will make/find/purchase some pretty pillows to add pops of TYPOGRFX green. The storage space under the couch will house the generator and anything else that I want to keep out of sight.


The bench will become a couch like this with greige fabric.


The banged up metal cabinet will be transformed into a bookcase like this. I will cover up the interior with paneling, paint the back TYPOGRFX green and add shelves and trim to make it look polished.


Love the pop of color in the back!

I really, really want to do a reclaimed style wood floor, but as Jackson pointed out it would be expensive to purchase, would add weight and would not stand up to moisture well (think people coming in and out of the weather). So I am searching for some sort of linoleum or vinyl floor covering that looks like dark wood floors. It will be easier to install and will be easier to clean/maintain. I found this vinyl flooring at Lowes, but hopefully can find something similar for a lower price.


Believe it or not, this is linoleum!

Above and across from the “couch” I will create a gallery wall of TYPOGRFX artwork. I would like to find a narrow furniture piece like this or a table cut in half to add interest along the bottom half of the open side. This will all depend on what furniture or materials I can find free or super cheap.


Super narrow furniture piece would be ideal.


This mobile boutique installed tables cut in half in their truck.


Overall, I want it to feel bright and modern, and not too cluttered since the space is so small. My theory is that a white interior will be a stark comparison to the exterior of the truck that I intend to paint TYPOGRFX green. From top to bottom, front to back. Lime green meets olive green.


I had originally thought that I wanted to wrap the truck with really eye-catching graphics, but after getting quotes that cost two to three times what I paid for the entire truck, I decided that painting it TYPOGRFX green with some simpler logo and URL graphics on the sides will suffice. Although cheaper than a wrap, a complete professional paint job was also looking way out of my budget, but after a few calls to my uncle, I think we can do it ourselves. Jackson can teach me how to sand the paint and repair the dings with bondo, then we’ll paint it with the equipment my uncle has. Sounds easy, right? Remind me that I said that in a few months when I’m covered head to toe in navy paint dust and/or TYPOGRFX green paint.

Who knows how the truck will turn out at this point, but I’m excited for this journey and I can’t wait to take you with me, so buckle up.. It’s going to be a wild ride!