While browsing through Country Living magazine in July 2011,
TYPOGRFX creator and designer Tosha Jackson spotted an
advertisement for their “Pitch Your Product” promotion. She
decided right away to submit TYPOGRFX, confident that her
custom-designed product would be a hit. In late September, she
received notification that TYPOGRFX had been selected as a
finalist, and she would have the opportunity to pitch directly to
the editors of the magazine as part of the Country Living Fair in
Atlanta, GA.

In October, Tosha made the fourteen-hour drive to seize her
once in a lifetime opportunity. She recalls, “Part of me did think
that this might be a long shot, but I know in my heart that
TYPOGRFX is a unique product with great retail potential.” The
panelists who listened to Tosha’s pitch agreed, and they gave
great compliments to the originality and design of the product.
Tosha returned home with even greater confidence in her
product and gratefulness to have had the chance to pitch
TYPOGRFX to such a well-known publication. Reiterating the
final note of her pitch, she says, “Life is full of happy accidents.
The rest is up to you.”