Color-notefromToshaYou can choose any colors you want, as many as you want. However, exact color matches cannot be guaranteed (for example, cannot match specific paint colors). You can also choose from a variety of background options that include aged paper, linen textures and grungier options to fit rustic decor. You can see tons of samples of different color schemes on the Samples page. There is no extra charge for extra colors or backgrounds. You choose what fits your home’s decor the best!

Popular Color Schemes

Here are the top 4 most popular colors schemes to date and their respective “names”.

(Large box represents the background and the smaller boxes represent the word colors.)


Background Options

You can choose from any of these popular background options. You might notice that most of these backgrounds are fairly neutral. Almost all of them can be tinted any color you desire, like pink, blue, green, etc. Or if you have something different in mind, let me know when you order, and we’ll work together to create the perfect design.




New “Layered” Background Options!

Take your TYPOGRFX design to a new layer with this new collection of backgrounds. Each background is layered with another so that the text of your design is readable and clear. These backgrounds work great with most formats, with the exception of the rustic collections printed on burlap prints because of the heavy texture of the burlap.

The Rustic Collection features background textures that remind us of the natural beauty and wonder of country life. In addition, you can choose a complimentary texture or solid color for the top layer of the design in which your text will be layered over. (Note: the burlap texture can be tinted any color you want)

The Rustic Collection

The Color Collection features a wide range of soft watercolors to bold, bright colors. The top layer can either be a solid or translucent color with or without a stroke around the edge.

The Color Collection

Ready to create your own TYPOGRFX?

Visit the Shop, add the item you wish to personalize to your cart, check out and follow the instructions to submit your custom specifications. It’s that easy!

More Color Inspiration

Need more color palette inspiration? Check out Tosha’s “Color Inspiration” board on Pinterest!