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TYPO Truck Progress

You might have noticed that I haven’t updated the blog in a few weeks. That doesn’t mean that progress on the truck hasn’t been happening, it just means it’s been a lot of work. And a lot of time. And energy. And sweat. And money. Don’t get me started on money! I’m reminded of a quote from the movie “Tiny” that I keep on a post-it note in my office:

“There’s a point in every project where the excitement of the original idea wears off… and you’re still left with a lot to do.”

To be honest, I’m still excited about this project – just frustrated with how overwhelming the work has been and how all of the parts and pieces are nickel and diming me to death. I have always ran my business debt-free and I have no intention of changing that, so hopefully we can get this thing finished and bringing IN money soon!

So here’s what we’ve been up to the past few weeks:


Jackson sanding on the roof of the truck.

Jackson sanding on the roof of the truck.

Oh lordy! When my husband said every square inch of the truck had to be sanded, it didn’t seem like that big of deal. It’s unfathomable how much surface area there is on a truck this size. I helped where I could (mostly small areas around the windows, seals, etc) but Jackson did the majority of the sanding, and all of the dent repairs. When this is all said and done with, I am going to owe this man BIG time. I’m thinking of surprising him with a weekend of four wheeling with his buddies this fall.. Shhhh!! Don’t tell!

Sanding the individual letters on the grill - one of my favorite features of the whole truck

Sanding the individual letters on the grill – one of my favorite features of the whole truck

Here’s a photo of the truck sanded that I posted on my facebook page. One of my loyal followers asked if all of the spots were bullet holes since the truck used to be used in Kansas City Police Department missions. I literally laughed out loud when I read her question. No, they aren’t bullet holes, just spots where the paint needed sanded down to the metal or areas where there were dents fixed with bondo.

Sanded and dent repairs

Sanded and dent repairs


This is the kind of picture you get when a 5-year old has your phone

This is the kind of picture you get when a 5-year old has your phone

¬†Everything that didn’t need paint on it needed taped off, and I mean EVERYTHING. While not overly labor intensive, it was quite tedious getting the tape to go around the gaskets on the windows and other small details. Ryker frequently got in on the action creating tape mustaches and beards and proclaiming himself “Labe Lincoln” and he would stand on a tire and say in a husky voice, “Ladies and gentleman! I am Labe Lincoln the president!” It was good entertainment while working!

My favorite guy "helping"

My favorite guy “helping”


After all of the hours and hours of prep work, the truck was finally ready to primer last weekend. Jackson declared that he needed Ryker and me “out of his hair” so we spent the afternoon enjoying a “mommy and Ryker” date at his favorite Tasty Thai restaurant and the movies to see “Shaun the Sheep” (which was hilarious by the way). When we returned, the truck was almost completely gray – sans a few spots where the green etching primer was showing through since Jackson ran out of primer. I was overjoyed!

The next day, Jackson started in wet sanding the truck. Oh man, I thought that regular sanding was terrible and dry and dusty. Wet sanding is worse! Water and primery gray slime slinging everywhere. We all got in on the “truck washing” action as Jackson sanded and Ryker and I washed away the residue with rags and water. I’m not sure if the 90 degree heat made the process better or worse, but none of us minded getting “accidentally” sprayed with the garden hose. Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of this process because I didn’t want to ruin my phone with water (or sweat), we were just trying to get it done, and I was wearing a cami with no bra (don’t judge – it was HOT outside!).

The truck is gray! The truck is gray!

The truck is gray! The truck is gray!

Next Step………. Paint!

I spent what seemed like hours in O’Reilly’s going through paint books trying to find the perfect paint color to match my signature TYPOGRFX green, which is half way between olive and lime green. During this process, I learned that their paint is $191 per gallon, and I need around 2 gallons to complete the truck. I nearly fainted.

After I finally chose a paint color, I learned that EVERY SINGLE LIME/OLIVE GREEN paint¬†contained metallic or pearl. Jackson said that we couldn’t have any metallic or pearl because it’s extremely difficult to get even on large flat surfaces (unless you’re a professional autopainter who does it everyday). Just when I was sure I was going to have to give up and pick something boring like white or gray, he found a guy on eBay that sold custom mixed paint. I was quite skeptical since the guy didn’t have his own website, but I called him anyways (I hate dealing with ordering stuff on the phone!). I talked to “Tim” and explained my situation, and he assured me that he could match anything as long as he had a sample (business card, brochure, etc). Oh and his paint was $50 a gallon. 75% less than the auto store!! I was elated! We ended up getting 3 gallons of green (just to be on the safe side since it was custom mixed), 1 gallon of Ford white (for the top of the truck, bumper, grill, mirrors, etc.), and all of the reducer, hardener, mixing cups, and more for less than 2 gallons from the other store.

This weekend we will build out a paint booth using plastic and lumber bought off of craigslist for way cheaper than retail. And hopefully the truck will be green this time next week! Then comes the interior buildout! This dream is getting closer to reality every day!

Pic the paint guy sent me of the paint with my brochure

Pic the paint guy sent me of the paint with my brochure

It's even named after me!

It’s even named after me!